Brand Stortytelling: Reaching Your Audience on a Personal Level

When the phone rang on October 18, 1998, two guys were in their basement wondering how to tell the homeowner that his Eisenhower-era furnace was beyond repair. As he contemplated their predicament and watched his kindergartner, Grace, play with a friend, Chris Bohjalian answered the call that changed his life. It was none other than Oprah Winfrey, who announced she had just selected “Midwives,” his already-bestselling novel, for her book club. A … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Use Instagram To Boost your Brand Presence

Instagram, launched in 2010 as a fancy app for youngsters to flaunt their photos, now has over 500 million users and has attracted the attention of more than 200,000 businesses across the world. In fact, according to Inconosquare, more than 70% of users admitted searching for various brands on Instagram. The writing is on the wall: social media channels like Instagram are crucial to promoting your brand and driving sales. Here are six ways you … [Read more...]

An Inside Look at how Millennial Shopping Habits are Changing Retail [Infographic]

Millennials are changing up the retail game, and here’s a big hint: it has a lot to do with smartphones and social media. More than half of Millennials use their phone to get assistance while they are inside a brick and mortar store, and a whopping 84% use their phones to look for coupons while they are shopping. As much as it seems like brick and mortar stores are going the way of the albatross, that’s not the case at all. Millennials still … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Content Marketing Better [Infographic]

Content marketing is a great way to get your target audience’s eyeballs on your subject matter. The challenge is to make your content compelling enough to cut through. Our friend, Brian Carter, CEO of The Carter Group, has the content alchemy all worked out for you in this informative and entertaining infographic. Let us know what you think! This inforgraphikc originally appeared on Republished with permission and … [Read more...]

How to Protect Your Brand When Working With Social Media Influencers

Successful influencer marketing strategies have helped brands achieve amazing revenue growth. With hockey-stick growth as a potential outcome, brands cannot ignore the allure of tapping into the influencer marketing arena. Riot Games’ influencer strategy for “League of Legends” helped the game become the most played video game of all time and a $1.6 billion gaming empire. La Croix won over Millennials in droves with its influencer … [Read more...]

Twitter for Events: 17 More Best Practices and Recommendations

In a previous article on Social Media Explorer, we listed several tips on how to use Twitter to promote your event. Since that article generated a lot of interest, we’ve followed up with even more recommendations to help you use Twitter to promote your event. Pre-Event Promotional Tactics 1. Create a unique hashtag for the event series Heavily promote the use of Twitter and your hashtag specifically on all web pages, all social media bios, … [Read more...]

The 5 Most Important Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been an important part of successful brands for many years. From the very start of marketing, companies have turned towards influencers in their industry to expose their businesses to new audiences, gain more authority for their brands and bring in more sales. Thanks to the Internet, the utilization of influencers has become much easier. More importantly, it’s a cost-effective strategy that even smaller businesses … [Read more...]

The 5 Best Social Media Listening Tools for 2018

Too many brands treat social media like their own personal soapbox. They invest all their energy preaching to their customers, but don’t spend enough time listening. Fewer than one out of four businesses actively listen to their followers on social media. Many brands are starting to recognize the error of their ways. They recognize that there are lots of great social media listening tools that they can use to their advantage. Here are five of the … [Read more...]

3 Tools That Will Boost Your Social Media ROI

Social media has long produced amazing marketing results for companies across just about every industry and from all over the world. Nonetheless, many who try duplicating these results quickly become frustrated. Is social media success a matter of luck or is there a reliable way to boost your ROI? Companies that succeed with social media leverage tools that automate much of the process while providing personalization capabilities that scale. … [Read more...]

How a Content Marketer Is More than “Just” a Marketer [Infographic]

How is a content marketer different than your average, general purpose marketer? Let us count the ways—thanks to this entertaining infographic from Unbounce. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! The post How a Content Marketer Is More than “Just” a Marketer [Infographic] appeared first on Social Media Explorer. … [Read more...]

4 Simple Hacks That Can Improve Your Bottom Line by Over 60%

The idea of improving your business whilst also saving money might sound too good to be true. How about improving your business, saving money, and saving the environment? Although it may seem hard to believe, these complement each other perfectly. In this digital age, there are many changes you can make to help your business run smoother, cheaper, and in an environmentally friendly manner. Take a look at some of the ideas below. 1. Go … [Read more...]

Is Your Website Useless? 7 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself

When is the last time you generated a lead from your website? Would you even know if you did, or whether the lead came from another channel? In this article we’re going to be look at whether or not your website is useful, or useless. If you’re impatient, submit your website to our Website Grader tool and we’ll send you a detailed performance report of your site after you’ve finished reading this article. 1. Why Do You Have A Website?  Many small … [Read more...]

How to Make Products That Don’t Stink

Crappy products are marketing poison. Even if you’re a stupendous marketer with certifications from the world’s most prestigious universities, there’s only so much you can do advertise something that’s not great. Trying to sell an item with obvious room for improvement is like trying to bluff your way through a round of Texas Hold ‘Em with a pair of deuces; you probably won’t succeed. Here’s the bottom line: if your product stinks, nobody will … [Read more...]

5 Ways Social Media Can Actually Help Your Mental Health    

We often hear about the ways social media breeds unhealthy habits, like addictive scrolling, jealousy, and self-comparison. In fact, a recent study found that out of five popular social media platforms, Instagram, where people display the best parts of their lives front and center, ranks as the worst for people’s mental health. Still, we shouldn’t ignore the benefits of social media on our emotional wellbeing. Social media isn’t inherently bad … [Read more...]