3 Digital Marketing Techniques to Get Brand Exposure

Every brand develops in its own unique way. However, successful businesses share common marketing elements. If our blog has taught you anything, you know social media advertising is a must-do for small and large companies alike. But the buck doesn’t stop there. Strategizing social and growing your professional network requires more than just content promotion. Dan Gingiss has helped market several businesses throughout his career, including … [Read more...]

How Doctors Are Using Social Media to Get Ahead

An active social media presence is starting to become mandatory across many different industries, especially as more leaders realize its potential for improving services and attracting clients. Even the healthcare industry, which is notoriously slow at adapting to new technologies and communication tools due to fear about violating HIPAA rules, is starting to jump onboard the social media train. Doctors are beginning to use Instagram, Facebook, … [Read more...]

6 Signs Your Internship Isn’t Going to Land You a Job

Internships are bittersweet. They offer great opportunities to get experience in the field and build professional connections, but they don’t automatically guarantee employment. When interning, your objective should be to pad your resume with quality skills. Unfortunately, internships are pretty easy to screw up. Showing up late and accidentally calling your boss by the wrong name aren’t the only mistakes you can make (the latter of which I’ve … [Read more...]

How to Build a Roadmap for Customer Loyalty

In many industries, converting a consumer isn’t enough. Brands like Coca-Cola and Starbucks rely on loyal customers to keep buying their products. Any company that banks on customer loyalty has to deliver quality experiences over and over again just to have a fighting chance. Establishing customer loyalty is especially difficult in the fuel industry. If you’re anything like me, you don’t factor in staff friendliness or brand image when deciding … [Read more...]

5 Essential Social Media Marketing Tips

Starting a new business is exciting. It’s also challenging and can cause a lot of headaches. If you do not follow a well-structured business plan, then there’s a chance that your efforts may go to waste. When it comes to social media marketing, many businesses are still failing to harness the potential that social media platforms can provide. So, to help expedite your efforts, here are 5 essential tips you can use to boost your social … [Read more...]

5 Tools To Maximize Your Engagements On Social Media

What do you attribute to your social media success (or failure)? Are you always on the lookout for tools and tips that can help you perform at a higher level in the future? There is more to social media than publishing updates and waiting for something good to happen. If you truly want to reach all your goals, it’s imperative to focus your time and resources on maximizing engagement. The tools you use to maximize engagement could be the … [Read more...]

Virtual Reality: The next Big Thing or Flash in the Pan?

In some ways, virtual reality (VR) represents the promise of the future. It allows us to participate in a setting that isn’t actually present, but feels as if it could be. But in other ways, VR feels like a relic of the past. There’s already a plethora of great technology readily available—smartphones, tablets computers, etc.— so virtual reality doesn’t really bring anything that special to the table. Plus, there’s not nearly as much of a demand … [Read more...]

4 Easy Ways to Stay Up-to-Date on the Latest Digital Marketing Trends

 Digital marketing, and social media in particular, seem to evolve faster than other aspects of business. This is mostly due to the proliferation of technology. So how can you, as a business owner or digital marketing professional, stay “in the know?” Is there a way to assure you don’t fall behind? 4 Tips for Staying Current There’s no textbook that tells you how to stay current, but there are some tried and true techniques that many of today’s … [Read more...]

Quora: How to Generate Leads for a Hotel

Did you know that question and answer website Quora gets around 200 million unique visitors a month and is the 114th most trafficked site in the world. That’s a lot of people searching for answers. A quick search on Quora, targeting the hotel industry, specifically, tells us that thousands of people have a lot of questions related to their journeys. The topic “Hotels” on Quora has over 1.3 million followers. Drill down to “hotel … [Read more...]

A Complete History of Influencer Marketing and What it Means for the Future [Infographic]

Social media has democratized much of our lives in a way that has made it easier than ever before to access news and information. One of the things that has become democratized is who gets to be famous. It used to be that you would have to be discovered by a talent or acting scout and then you could start on your path to becoming famous according to who the executives decided to hire and promote. Today you can start a YouTube channel and do … [Read more...]

The Future of AI and Chatbots: What Comes Next?

The world has Siri. The world embraces Alexa. Cars are driving themselves, sort of. So, what’s next for artificial intelligence? What about chatbots and customer service? One person that has a handle on the future of this industry is that of Tim Hayden. Tim Hayden has had more than his fair share of experiences in artificial intelligence. As an avid investor in tech startups, and a trusted consultant for the leading brands in the country, Tim … [Read more...]

How to Turn Non-Marketers into Awesome Social Sellers

It’s not strictly marketing and it’s not strictly sales. We’re talking about social selling; that new hybrid discipline that is becoming increasingly important for so many brands. At the bottom of this trend is a simple truth: Your marketing team and your sales team are both trying to connect with the same people. They just happen to be doing so at different stages of the funnel…hopefully. And in each of those stages, your prospects are … [Read more...]

4 Insightful Social Media Marketing Resources for Newbies

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade and a half, you probably know that social media is a big deal. These sites will help you reach your largest potential audience and give you better insights on prospect behavior. The stats speak for themselves. Although most of these platforms are free to use, there are still many entrepreneurs out there who don’t utilize their golden potential. If you’re worried that you’re not tech-savvy … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Perfect Niche When Starting a Blog

How do you decide on a blog when you have money-making on your mind? That’s one of the many questions that I had when I began blogging for the first time and so did many of you, I’m sure. While few have a clear vision as to what they want to write about, others continue to lurk in confusion. Because it’s very difficult to understand what’s trending and what’s not online. Writing on a topic you love may not always work It’s unlikely that … [Read more...]