Instagram just added a powerful new way to stalk people on the app

Instagram is now even more of a stalker's paradise. Everyone's favorite photo and video sharing app has just added an "Activity Status" that lets all your friends and followers "see when you were last active" on the app, just like on Facebook Messenger. Creeeeeeeepy! SEE ALSO: 12 awesome Instagram features you're probably not using When you open up Instagram Direct, the messaging section of the app, you'll now see it shows whether your friends … [Read more...]

Apple forgot the greatest lesson of the MacBook Air

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs hopped on stage at Macworld 2008 and did another one of his seemingly impossible magic tricks: He undid the string on a manila envelope, pulled out the MacBook Air, and forever changed laptops forever. On Monday, the MacBook Air turned 10 (time flies!), and while it's incredible how much the thin, light and tapered computer has influenced all laptops, it also serves as a lesson on how Apple can make its family of … [Read more...]

Smartphones with removable batteries are never coming back

Apple rarely apologizes when it messes up. But when it does, it's usually followed by even more fervor and upset users. Case in point: Apple finally admitted it did a poor job communicating to its customers about how and why it slowed down iPhones with older batteries. And while most people will forgive the company and accept its two forthcoming solutions (a $29 battery replacement for applicable iPhones and a future software update that'll … [Read more...]

Apple finally issues an apology after its iPhone battery fiasco

Following huge waves of criticism and several lawsuits slamming Apple for purposely slowing down older iPhones to balance power consumption from aged batteries, the tech giant has now issued an apology and has reduced the cost of an out-of-warranty battery replacement from $79 to $29. In a message posted to its website, Apple acknowledges that it miscommunicated what was happening with its power management features that were included in software … [Read more...]

Uh-oh! The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might have its own battery problems

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The smart home is officially here, as proven by popular holiday gifts

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Now you know what Control Center’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth buttons really do

When Apple released iOS 11 with a redesigned Control Center in September, they also quietly made a change to how the shortcut buttons for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth worked. On iOS 10 and earlier, tapping them turned these wireless connections completely on and off. But on iOS 11, it merely disconnected your devices temporarily, while still allowing features like AirPlay and AirDrop to work. Apple hasn't changed how the buttons work back to the old way, … [Read more...]

Instagram has a cool new feature that only appears after you wait 5 seconds

Instagram loves to secretly test new features on some of its users and get feedback before deciding on whether it should roll them out for everyone. But over the last few weeks, the company added a new commenting feature that you won't see unless you look at a post for more than five seconds. SEE ALSO: 12 awesome Instagram features you're probably not using Before you go ahead and try it, make sure you update the app to the latest version. Once … [Read more...]

Google’s taking another big step to stop the spread of fake news

The internet is filled with too many fake news websites — not the ones Donald Trump keeps falsely accusing, but real sources of provably false information — and Google's taking another step to stop this garbage from misleading people. The tech giant is now blocking websites from showing up in search results on Google News when they mask their country of origin. SEE ALSO: Google's AR Stickers are here, and photos will never be the same … [Read more...]

Whatever you do, don’t watch ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ in 3D

"Let the past die. Kill it!" Kylo Ren's calm, yet threatening monologue from Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi (this isn't a spoiler — it's in the trailer) couldn't be more apt for the 3D version of the movie. It sucks. It's the worst way to watch Rian Johnson's flick. 3D movies — as a format in movie theaters — need to die. Movie studios should kill them. But they won't unless we, moviegoers, grab Ren's tri-bladed … [Read more...]

Now that Jony Ive is done designing iPhone-inspired toilets, he could make Apple products great again

Apple's Chief Design Officer Jony Ive is back in charge of the company's product design teams, according to a Bloomberg report. And that could mean really great things for the company's future products. SEE ALSO: 5 easy tricks to help you free up storage space on your iPhone In 2015, Ive, who was then senior vice president of design at Apple, was promoted to chief design officer. Richard Howarth and Alan Dye took over the teams for industrial … [Read more...]

The best tech of 2017

More than any year in recent memory, 2017 saw the launch of many (mostly) gimmick-free tech products.Here at Mashable, we’re all for the weird oddity that makes you perk up in bewilderment. But we get even more hyped for the more practical tech innovations that actually improve our lives in meaningful ways in our day-to-day.Smartphones became cool again. Laptops made a stunning return. The smart home finally started taking shape. It was a … [Read more...]