A NASA engineer and others are suing Customs for searching their devices

A NASA engineer and 10 others are suing Customs and Border Protection over what they believe to be illegal searches of electronics. The group of 11 includes 10 U.S. citizens as well as a permanent resident, and they have the backing of the ACLU as well as the Electronic Frontier Foundation. SEE ALSO: Customs computer glitch traps angry travelers at airports nationwide "This lawsuit challenges searches and seizures of smartphones, laptops, and … [Read more...]

Anthony Scaramucci tweeted a link to “The Scaramucci Post,” and what is this man planning??

Anthony Scaramucci's Twitter bio says "the best is yet to come," and it looks like Scaramucci may finally be delivering on that promise. Late on Tuesday night, the former-White-House-communications-director-who-never-really-had-the-job-before-he-was-booted-by-the-president quote tweeted a link from a Twitter account called "The Scaramucci Post" with just the caption "get ready." Get ready: https://t.co/WQmzb1irCg — Anthony Scaramucci … [Read more...]

FEMA’s debunking Harvey rumors, but there’s more to know

Disasters seem to breed all types of rumors, tricks and scams, and Tropical Storm Harvey is no exception. People have impersonated federal agents and tried to make money off insurance scams amid the storm and its aftermath, according to the new "Hurricane Harvey Rumor Control" page on FEMA's website. The site says it has affirmed or debunked several rumors since at least Aug. 27. SEE ALSO: Tropical Storm Harvey is the strongest to hit the US in … [Read more...]

Trump’s past 4 weeks have been so chaotic, a CNN anchor needed to get a drink just to get through the list

Fair warning: If you find yourself suddenly dizzy or if you need to take a quick break by the end of this article, know that you are not alone. In a segment that aired on Friday, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin decided to list off all of the significant events that have happened with Trump in the last few weeks. It seems like a standard enough task except ... the list was so ridiculously long and full of of all completely batsh*t occurrences from the … [Read more...]

GoFundMe is deleting campaigns created to support the Charlottesville attacker

GoFundMe will not allow campaigns supporting the Charlottesville attacker on its platform. On Monday, James Fields — the man accused of killing Heather Heyer after driving his car into a crowd of counter-protesters demonstrating against Nazis and white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia — told a judge at his arraignment that he can't afford a lawyer. Since his admission, Fields' supporters have tried to start GoFundMe pages to … [Read more...]