Encountering a Quarter-life Crisis? You’re Not Alone…

By now you’ve likely heard of the quarter-life crisis — a period of insecurity and doubt  that many people in their mid 20s to early 30s go through surrounding their career, relationships, and finances. Chances are good you may experience your own. In fact, 75% of 25-33 year olds have experienced a quarter-life crisis, often related to feeling like they are at a crossroad in their career. We took a look at this phenomenon and talked to thousands … [Read more...]

The LinkedIn Top Companies | Startups are Hiring Now

We launched the Top Companies | Startups list, a new extension of our annual Top Companies list which maps the most wanted companies by job seekers. This new edition focuses on startups and maps the the top 50 industry disruptors, from beauty to biotech companies, attracting talent now. These companies are growing quickly, attracting top talent and redefining the way we work. The highest ranked companies include Uber (#1), Airbnb (#2), WeWork … [Read more...]

Practical Tips for Finding The Way In: Anna’s Job Search Story

Shortly after starting law school, Anna realized it wasn’t for her. “I just wasn’t very fulfilled,” said Anna. “And I didn’t know what I could do next.” We’ve all been there. Sometimes we feel stuck. But it’s what Anna did to get unstuck that makes her story so inspiring, actionable and insightful for anyone considering a career shift. Specifically, Anna did three things to kickstart her new career as a software engineer: #1 Talk to the people … [Read more...]

Practical Tips for Finding The Way In: Claire’s Job Search Story

Claire was worried her dream job didn’t exist. For her, a dream job was one with an exciting role, cool technology and a just-right commute. Oh, and it needed to be a job that would make a big impact in the world. A tall order, right? But then she found it — all of it, at a company right in her backyard. If you’re thinking this was pure luck, think again. Here are 3 things Claire did that any job seeker can do today to help find their way in to a … [Read more...]

Cracking the Interview Code to Find Your Way In

Nice work, you've landed an interview for that job you want. Now what? The initial excitement may wear off as nervous energy sets in. You may start to wonder: How does my experience compare to others? Is this the right fit? What do I wear? How do I make a good impression? The good news is that some of the most common interview pitfalls that can distract potential employers from our strengths are super easy to avoid. Based on survey feedback we … [Read more...]

Practical Tips for Finding The Way In: Rahul’s Job Search Story

When Rahul moved to a new city to begin a new chapter in his career, he knew the best way to find his way in to the right opportunity would start with his connections. Also, that determination and persistence were going to be critical in his job search. In fact, Rahul said it best, “Rejection is inevitable, but all it takes is one.” And he’s right. Often times, all it takes is one opportune moment to find your way in to a job you love. One … [Read more...]